>Knowing More About SQL Database Corruption And SQL Database Recovery

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SQL Error 4064 – Cannot open user default database” Reasons behind Occurring of Microsoft SQL Server Error 4064?

What is SQL Database Corruption? - SQL Database corruption is monster, which can't be predicted. No one can predict, when it is going to attack, it may attack at once or take a week to launch its attack.

DBAs know Better about SQL Database Corruption - DBAs usually come across these database corruption monsters and face many problems in getting rid of them. If you are DBA for long then, you must have encountered these database corruption monsters in some form.

Available Sources to Fix SQL Database Corruption

Fortunately, there are many sources available to protect data from these corruption monsters and to get back data if they have already attacked. Foremost is, "Backup", if you have an updated backup of your database then, you can quickly get over this database corruption issue and prevent data loss but, if you don't have an updated backup then, you left with two options, 1) Try performing SQL file Recovery manually, 2) Use SQL Database Recovery third party tool to fix SQL Database Corruption.

Why Not to Recover SQL Database Manually?

In manual method, there is no guarantee that you will be able to perform complete SQL Database recovery because you need to execute that recovery with several undocumented tricks. There are some SQL database corruption issues that can't get repaired even with those tricks, so SQL Server Database Recovery third party tools are the most easy, powerful and reliable source to fix SQL Server database corruption issues without facing data loss. Among many Corrupt SQL 2008 Recovery third party tools, SQL Recovery is the better one. The tool is designed with latest technology and also tested in many SQL Database Recovery projects. Many users and experts recommend it for recovery of SQL Server database.

Common Issues that Cause SQL Database Corruption - There are many issues, which cause SQL Database corruption, some are known while some are unknown but, the most common, which we see in most of the cases is, hardware misfunctioning, typically in disk subsystem. No matter, what's the corruption issue, your main concern is SQL Database Recovery and that is possible with SQL Recovery tool.

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