Quick Solution to Resolve Microsoft® SQL Server Error 4064

Aaron Wilkinson

SQL Error 4064 – Cannot open user default database” Reasons behind Occurring of Microsoft SQL Server Error 4064?

Every user has a default database, when he connects to Microsoft SQL Server Computer System and he doesn't specify a login database, the default database gets automatically used and this above mentioned error message gets popped up on computer screen when the default database is not available at time of connection and user become unable to connect. "How user's default database becomes unavailable at time of connection?"

The user's default database becomes unavailable at times of connection when;
1. The database has been detached
2. The database is in suspect mode
3. The database is in single user mode and the only available connection is already being used by someone
4. The database no longer exists
5. The database is not mapped with login account or the access of database is denied for user
6. The database has been set to restricted_user access, etc.

Looking for a Solution to Resolve SQL Server Error 4064 ?

You can use SQL Recovery software to resolve or fix this error message from root. The software is designed with advanced technology and resolves this error message without making any changes in the information of MS SQL Server database. Not, only this error message but, all other error messages of SQL database inaccessibility can be fixed with the help of this tool.

How to Resolve SQL Error 4064 with SQL Recovery Tool?

It is very easy to Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 4064 with SQL Server Database Recovery tool, you just have to go through these few under mentioned steps:

  • Initialize SQL Recovery tool to Fix SQL Server from Windows Start Menu » All Programs or Start up Screen Icon or Desktop Shortcut.
  • Click on “Open” to load SQL Server database file (.mdf).
  • Choose MS SQL Server Version from 2000, 2005 and 2008.
  • Wait for (.mdf) scanning and get SQL Server database recovered.

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