How to Recover Corrupt MDF File: We Have The Answer!

Henry Desouza

Looking for an eligible answerer for the query as how to recover corrupt MDF file? Get our SQL Database Recovery software that is creatively developed to recover data from MDFfile and components like triggers, stored procedures, views, tables etc. effectively. The software offers reliability and flexibility in SQL Database Recovery by proficiently handling varied corruption issues and fixing error messages that cause data base inaccessibility. The software acts as an accomplished replier of the inquiry how to recover MDF files as it is stuffed in with excellent abilities that are mentioned below:

  • Two different scan modes: Quick Scan and Advance Scan help to deal with the intensified corruption issues as per requirement
  • Smoothly recovers database of all SQL Server editions, the software provides two options to export recovered data. One you can directly export the data to SQL Server or in its absence save recovered data as SQL scripts
  • The software is capable to recover both SQL Authenticated and Windows Authenticated database with utter ease

SQL Server, Corruption Issues And Their Causes

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the widely utilized that cater users advance features for relational database management. In spite of being introduced with incredible options like fast recovery and online restoration, the vulnerability of SQL database is high due to reasons like OS malfunctioning, power surge, damage to the page header etc. As a result, chances of losing accessibility over database are high, calling for answer as How to Recover Corrupt MDF File.

Consider a Practical Scenario - Say you have Microsoft SQL Server 2000 installed in your system. When you make an attempt to access table, you come across an error message that states: "Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page ID P_ID1. The Page Id in the page header = P_ID2." The reasons behind emergence of this error message on screen is database page have corrupt header as a result of inaccurate write and read operation. The first query that pops into your mind on finding this message is how to recover MDF file which can be answered with a reliable solution like our MDF file recovery tool.

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