Corrupted MDF File Repair Tool To Fix Metadata Damage Issues!

Henry Desouza

Database of Microsoft SQL Server is built up with various metadata components where pages are the smallest unit for storing data. A maximum of 8 pages combine to make an Extent (a component of database). If due to any reason the metadata structure gets corrupted, user will lose access over all records stored in MDF file. In order to cope up with such consequences, need for Corrupted MDF File Repair tool arises. With MDF Repair software, users are offered with a reliable solution to get back damaged, corrupted and inaccessible SQL database with ease. Engineered with potential to fix corruption error messages, the software offers the smoothest set up to recover and save SQL Server database.

A Practical Scenario: Say while making an attempt to access MDF file records, you come across an error message that states:  "Table error: Extent P_ID object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID is beyond the range of this database.” The reason behind this error message is error message is corruption of any of the components of metadata structure and in this case the Extent is corrupted. 

Key Features: Tool to Repair Corrupted MDF File

Powerful Database Scanning Options: Our tool for corrupted MDF file repair is embedded with dual scanning options, one is Normal Scan and another is Advance Scan. Reliable scanning option can be chosen depending upon intensity of database corruptness.

Save Records With Schema: Our MDF file repair software facilitates users with the option to save recovered views, tables and stored procedures without and with schema as per their need or choice.

Automated Database Name Entry: If the database to be recovered is SQL Server authenticated, then under that situation, the software itself enters the Database Name for user convenience.

Note: Our solution for corrupted MDF file repair is capable to Recover corrupt MDF File, no matter if it is Windows authenticated or SQL Server authenticated.

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